5-Base is a large group activity played with 2 teams.

The object of the game is to score runs and to get players out.

The game starts with the pitcher rolling a kickball to the kicker and the kicker kicking the ball and running either right or left to the first base.  If the runner gets to one of the bases without being hit by the dodge ball they are safe and can continue to run the bases if they want.  There is another ball the may hit them after they have run to the first base, this ball can only be thrown by the person standing in the middle circle.  If the thrower throws the ball and hits the runner they are out.  The only time that they cannot throw the ball is when the runner is running to their first base.


Runners can run at anytime and you can have as many players on a base at a time.


To score a point you must round all 5 bases 2 times to score a point.  You must round the bases in the same direction as you started.  So if you started running left you must continue in that direction.


To get out someone can catch your kicked ball, tag you, or throw a ball at you and hit you shoulders and below.


You will play 3 outs and switch.


Give other players chances at being the pitcher and the thrower.