Flag Football

Equipment:  One football per game; one set of jerseys per team; flags for all team members

Focus:  Passing; catching; punting; offense and defense


Flag Football is a modified version of regulation football.  The field is divided into four equal zones.  The offensive team has four down (attempts) to advance the ball from one zone to the next.  Divide into two teams of eight to eleven players, with at least five players on the line of scrimmage.  Have players get a jersey and a flag, than stand on their own half of the field.  The team winning the toss has the option of which end it will defend, or choose to kick or receive.  The decision is reversed at the start of the second half.

Description of Activity:


1) Length of Game

    *Four quarters of ten minutes, with five minutes at halftime.  An overtime of an extra five minutes will be played if necessary.

    *A team has four down to advance the ball to the next zone.  On the line is considered in the next zone.

    *Forward and lateral passes are the best way of advancing the ball.  All players are eligible to receive passes.

    *Teams may substitute when the whistle is blown.

    *Only twenty seconds for a huddle is permitted.

    *Time-outs are permitted for injuries, after a score, when the ball goes out of bounds, or at the referee's discretion.

2) The Kick-off

    *This is taken from the center line.  All players must be on side.  The kick-off must cross the center line or is rekicked.  The kick-off receiver must be allowed 5 meters(5yards).  The kick-off may be recovered by the kicking team only if the receiver fumbles the ball.

3) Scoring

    *Score six points for a touchdown.  A conversion attempt is then given.  One point is awarded for a conversion, when the scoring team is allowed one additional play only to score from the 5-meter (5-yard) line.

    *Two points for a safety touch:  when the ball bounces in the end zone and then bounces out, or a player receives the ball in the end zone and fails to run it out.

    *One point is scored for a single:  when the ball goes over the end zone, or outside the end zone within the sideline.  The ball is then brought out and scrimmaged on the first zone line by the defending team.

4) Dead Ball

    *When the ball is fumbled, it is declared "dead" at that spot.  The first player to touch the ball after a fumble is awarded the ball.

    *A player carrying the ball, whose flag is pulled, is considered "downed" and the ball is dead at that spot.

5) Passing

    *All forward passes must be thrown from behind the line of scrimmage, and all offensive players are eligible to receive a pass.

    *The ball may be intercepted by any defensive player.

6) Punts

    *A team must declare its intention to punt.  Teams must remain on side until the ball is kicked.  The player receiving the punt may run with the ball or lateral pass.  The ball may not be passed forward.

7) Tackling

    *Tackling, holding, or contacting the ball carrier is not permitted.  Blocking on any player is also illegal.

    *The ball carrier is not allowed to fend off, push, or charge a defensive player.  Also, the carrier may no protect his or her flag with the arms.

8) Penalties

    *of side, before the ball is put into play

    *forward passing from in front of the line of scrimmage

    *failing to declare the intention to punt

    *using the straight arm, chop, or push-off by the ball carrier, or charging an opponent

    *insufficient flag showing

9) A 15-meter (15 yard) Penalty is awarded for:

    *tackling, tripping, holding, pushing, or roughing an opponent


    *unsportsmanlike conduct